The use of ORCID

More and more publishers are asking for an author ID with submission of a new article.
A quick study amongst UMCG staff showed that already more than 50% of current authors (mostly Principal Investigators & promovendi) HAVE an ORCID ID. To register and monitor this, the library is pro-actively searching and adding ORCID (and other ID’s into Pure, our research repository & database.

Unfortunately these connected ORCID’s do not show up in the research database portal yet. Therefor I created a report from Pure to show them. Currently about 300 authors at the University of Groningen have connected their ORCID in Pure, 2/3 of them are from UMCG (and this will grow fast, as we have identified many more)

Sometimes it is hard and/or impossible to identify authors due to the restricted search features of ORCID. Apparently you need a license as an organisation to be abled to better identify your own staff in ORCID. I DO hope we are getting this license as soon as possible. Nation-wide preferably, or for the University of Groningen(inclusing UMCG)!


Absalom, A.
Accord-Maass, S.
Aleman, A.
Alffenaar, J.
Alizadeh, B.
Almansa Ortiz, J.
Aries, M.
Bakker, S.
Baskent, D.
Bastide-van Gemert, la, S.
Beek, van, A.
Berezikov, E.
Berg, van den, A.
Berger, M.
Bilo, H.
Birnie, E.
Bischoff, R.
Blanker, M.
Bloks, V.
Bock, de, T.
Boddeke, H.
Boer, de, M.
Boer, de, R.
Boersma, H.
Boezen, H.
Boots, A.
Borst, de, M.
Bos, A.
Brekel, van den, G.
Bremer, E.
Brouwer, L.
Bruggeman, R.
Brundel, B.
Buikema, H.
Buist, G.
Bulstra, S.
Bultmann, U.
Burger, H.
Burgerhof, J.
Buskens, E.
Calkhoven, C.
Casini, A.
Chang, M.
Coenraads, P. J.
Colin, P.
Coppes, R.
Cordes, T.
Corpeleijn, E.
Coyne, J.
Crielaard, B.
Daemen, T.
De Deyn, P.
Deelen, P.
Dekker, F.
Dekker, R.
Dekkers, B.
Delli, K.
Denig, P.
Dierckx, R.
Dijk, van, J.
Dijk, van, M.
Dijk, van, P.
Dijk, van, S.
Dijkstra, G.
Dijkstra, P.
Dik, J.
Dubois, A.
Dunnen, den, W.
El Aidy, S.
Feenstra, T.
Fehrmann, R.
Festen, N.
Foijer, F.
Folgering-van der Vliet, M.
Franke, L.
Franssen, C.
Friedrich, A.
Frijlink, H.
Gaillard, C.
Gans, R.
Gaudrain, E.
Geertzen, J.
Geffen, van, W.
Glaudemans, A.
Gokeler, A.
Goor, van, H.
Gräfin zu Eulenburg, C.
Groen, B.
Groen, H.
Groen, R.
Groot, de, S.
Groothuis, G.
Groves, M.
Guryev, V.
Haan, de, G.
Hacken, ten, N.
Hagedoorn, M.
Haisma, H.
Harmsen, H.
Harmsen, M.
Hart, ‘t, B.
Hazenberg, B.
Heeringa, P.
Heijink, I.
Heininga, V.
Henning, R.
Herrmann, A.
Hillebrands, J. L.
Hillege, H.
Hinrichs, W.
Hoekstra, P.
Hoekstra, T.
Hoeven, van der, J.
Hof, A.
Hofker, M.
Hollema, H.
Horst, van der, I.
Hortobagyi, T.
Horvatovich, P.
Hospers, G.
Huckriede, A.
Huizing, B.
Hylkema, M.
Jankipersadsing, S.
Jonge, de, P.
Jonker, J.
Keeken, van, H.
Kerstjens, H.
Keyser , de, J.
Klauw, van der, M.
Koning, de, T.
Koning-Tijssen, de, M.
Korevaar, E.
Koster, R.
Krabbe, P.
Krenning, G.
Kuijer, R.
Kuipers, F.
Laan, van der, B.
Laar, van, T.
Lambers Heerspink, H.
Lansdorp, P.
Lanting, C.
Lisman, T.
Lorist, M.
Lub-de Hooge, M.
Martens, S.
Maurits, N.
Meerman, te, G.
Middelkoop, S.
Molema, G.
Most, van der, P.
Niesters, B.
Nolte, I.
Ooijen, van, P.
Ormel, J.
Paredes, G.
Plukker, J.
Poppinga, W.
Postema, K.
Postmus, D.
Proost, J.
Pruim, J.
Ravenswaaij-Arts, van, C.
Reijneveld, M.
Rijn, van, P.
Rosmalen, J.
Rutgers, B.
Salvati, A.
Sanderman, R.
Schaaf, van der, A.
Schepke, U.
Sijmons, R.
Sinke, R.
Smit, M.
Snieder, H.
Steggink, L.
Stolk, R.
Tijink-Callenbach, P.
Timens, W.
Tongeren, van, S.
Touw, D.
Valkenhoef, van, G.
Vallez Garcia, D.
Vegt, van der, B.
Vemer, P.
Verweij, N.
Vliet-Ostaptchouk, van, J.
Vonk, R.
Vries, de, E.
Vries, de, M.
Weber, T.
Werker, P.
Wichers, M.
Widder, J.
Wijmenga, C.
Wolffenbuttel, B.
Wong, M.
Woude, van der, L.
Yang-Fu, J.
Zaidi, H.
Zeeuw, de, D.
Zijdewind, I.