Who’s talking about your research?

[Currently updating …., contact Guus van den Brekel for more info] 

In the time it takes for your work to attract (a hopefully growing number of) official citations, it is highly possible that is already topic of discussion on various platforms on the web……
Scholarly communication does not stop with publishing your article!

  •  How about policy documents using/citing your publications?
  • How about when international News sites or blogs are discussing your research, or research you are co-authored in?
  • How about when post-publication peer-review sites are commenting your work, like PubMedCommons or PubPeer?
  • How about Wikipedia articles are citing your publication? Or Book Chapters, or …
  • How about colleagues or journalists tweeting about your research?

 The Central Medical Library (CMB) has been working together with preparing  a UMCG dashboard, aggregating all UMCG scientific publication related “mentions” on the web (including -but definitely not exclusively- social media) in one very user-friendly interface.

We want to offer you the opportunity to explore this dashboard to track and monitor:

  • “mentions” related to YOUR publications
  • mentions”related to your RESEARCH INSTITUTE, PROGRAMME or Department

 The goals for this  CMB project are:

  • explore the benefits of implementing altmetric data in the hospital, 
  • map all stakeholders and interested parties 
  • increase awareness of additional methods of measuring impact tools, 
  • Increase awareness of tools to influence visibility of the umcg research & it’s output
  • discuss current use of bibliometrics in evaluations including the growing interest in measuring/visualising the “societal impact” of scientific research.

 With the Altmetric Explorer you can discover mentions based on your publications in Pure, (the research database of the UMCG & RuG), or monitor them in the FULL DATABASE of Altmetric.

 Extra Info:

 Please contact me if you want your own personal access to this UMCG Altmetric Explorer Dashboard. I will gladly meet up to answer your questions and demo all functionality for your situation or interests!

Guus van den Brekel, CMB UMCG