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What is Pure UMCG and what the goals set for the implementation in UMCG?

Pure is the first system in use that intends to collect, manage and analyse the total UMCG scientific output, (not just publications). It is one of the dominant Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) in the world currently.

Goals for UMCG

  1. Collect, manage and showcase UMCG research output on staff profile pages to increase visibility and findability on RuG and UMCG websites.
  2. Use Pure to create reports and analysis. In other words: facilitate the current workflow of the Research Office UMCG into a new, faster, more efficient way of creating SEP and other reports.
  3. Facilitate other stakeholders in UMCG with data from Pure UMCG to enrich or improve various services. Communications & Press Office, various research institutes that can show actual publications

Rule No. 1: Always import for Web of Science (WoS) first. Check if the publication is already in WoS.
Why should you?

  • Because only then your citations will be updated on your profile page. Also all analysis that will be possible in the future, is currently connected only to WoS records
  • Because WoS records are the most-complete and consists generally of better meta-data
  • Because currently the title-match warning is only visible on the second import-page, and not on the first.

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ list for answers.
If you can not find the right answers, please contact the CMB

Guus van den Brekel
Coördinator Pure UMCG
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Coördinator Electronic Services
Tel: +31(0)610900687
About me: http://about.me/digicmb

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