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The purpose of this website is to show the latest open access scientific output of the UMCG, for the general public, but also for UMCG staff to keep up to date.

In development:

atUMCG is not a complete archive going back in history, but it will show NEW publication and events around research in the UMCG. As of September 2011 it will catch all relevant publications. It is possible that articles published prior to this date are missing. Due to the beta-status and tests to improve the site, content can change.
If you want to have information included, please send us an email. We can put in data for complete departments from 2011.

Currently you can follow the following updates:


  • Options for sharing in social media is integrated.
  •  Each item offers a translate option in many languages


If you want to check the search and the current numer, click the url below

See how many articles from UMCG staff are published in PUBMED

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