The purpose of this website is to show the latest scientific output of the UMCG, for the general public, but also for UMCG staff to keep up to date.

In development:

atUMCG is not a complete archive going back in history, but it will show NEW publication and events around research in the UMCG. As of September 2011 it will catch all relevant publications. It is possible that articles published prior to this date are missing. Due to the beta-status and tests to improve the site, content can change.
If you want to have information included, please send us an email. We can put in data for complete departments from 2011.

Currently you can follow the following updates:


  • Options for sharing in social media is integrated.
  • Top25% indication with tags & tagcloud.
  •  Each item offers a translate option in many languages


  • We have included every ISSN of all Top25%  journals in the relevant JCR 2010 Categories into a PubMed search, limited to affiliation indicator “groni* [affiliation]
    This results in an overview of all Top25% publication indexed in PubMed.
    Note: A total number of … journals indexed in JCR 2010 are NOT included in PubMed. Articles published in these journal will (currently) not be added to this atUMCG.
    This Top25 featured was added on May 8th 2012.
  • We have done a detailed search on address variations, which gives an estimate of around 19.476 on March 17th 2011, 20.040 on July 29th 2011

If you want to check the search and the current numer, click the url below

See how many articles from UMCG staff are published in PUBMED


The Central Medical Library (http://www.rug.nl/umcg/bibliotheek ) of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG, http://www.umcg.nl ) is interested in adopting several RSS Aggregator installations to explore and develop topic portals for specialities, medical conditions combined with library services & quality web 2.0 tools for finding and managing trusted information, aimed at staff and students of the UMCG, but also for a broader audience. The University Medical Center Groningen is a large academic teaching hospital in the north of the Netherlands with approx.10.000 staff members and 3500 medical students.

With thanks to Vedran Vucic for the basics of these blogs & the help!

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